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Explore the ruins of an ancient Chozo temple, delve into miles of winding corridors and expansive utility bays far below the planet surface, discover scandalous facts that lead back to your employer and decide what to do with them, travel to the legendary Arc, meeting place of our galaxy and the great Elsewhere that is the Archonosphere—these are the kinds of adventures you might have when you play Startroid.

Now that you've created and equipped your character, it's time to get into the details of what happens during a game session and a campaign.

This chapter explains the following topics:

  • Missions: An introduction to mission structure and parameters and how to select an employer who's right for you.
  • Encounters: A look at the game's two kinds of encounters and your function in them.
  • Rewards: Information about experience points, riches, and other rewards you can win by accomplishing or completing missions and encounters, as well as what to do with the pay.
  • Exploration: Rules for various modes of transportation. Interstellar, Atmospheric, Over-land, and on foot. Also how to deal with obstacles.
  • Rest and Recovery: Details on recovering hit points and life points, healing surges, and powers, and on duty shifts whether on- or off-mission.

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