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A variety of cultures and societies still survive in the galaxy of Startroid, some of them terrans but also fantastic races such as shakurans, chozo, and pathomorphs. Adventurers can arise from these myriad peoples. Your choice of character species assigns you a basic set of advantages and special abilities. Your race not only affects your ability scores and powers but also provides the first cues for building your character's story.

Species Traits

Each character species offers the following types of benefits.

  • Ability Scores: Your species gives you a bonus to a particular ability score or two. Keep these bonuses in mind when you assign your ability scores (see "Ability Scores"). This bonus may increase a starting score above 4.
  • Speed: Your speed is the number of squares you can normally move when you walk (see "Movement and Position").
  • Other Species Traits: Other traits include bonuses to your skills, and other capabilities or bonuses.
  • Species Power: Most species have access to an innate power that resembles a passive or active power from a class. Additionally, each species gets an advanced power at level 6. (see "How to read a power description")

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