How to Dash

Enkidu returns this year (@FiestaDash). You will send him tweets and he will update my table in the background.

You have to be very explicit with Enkidu, or else he will not understand you and your participation in the dash will not be recorded. Tweet using the following syntax to register and update with Enkidu.


If you send a tweet at Enkidu that contains this hashtag, he will create a row for you in my table.


Send this hashtag if you wish to take on a dare. Enkidu does not assign dares, merely records that you asked for one.


If you are planning to stream, include this hashtag followed by the link to your stream page. For example:

@FiestaDash #reg #stream

Enkidu only captures #dare and #stream tags within the same tweet that contains the #reg

#job1, #job2, #job3, #job4

Tweet this at Enkidu along with the job you got from Gilgabot to update your jobs. You have to be careful about spelling! Use these precise names to record your jobs:

Knight Monk Thief White Mage Black Mage Blue Mage Mystic Knight Time Mage Summoner Red Mage Berserker
Beastmaster Geomancer Ninja Bard Ranger Samurai Dragoon Dancer Chemist Mime Freelancer

Enkidu is looking for explicit matches with these, including caps. If Enkidu does not recognize the job you posted, he will not update the table.


Finally, whenever you reach the next listed milestone, let Enkidu know with #check. No timestamps this year.

The milestones are these:

defeat liquid flame
defeat crayclaw
defeat atomos
defeat four crystals
defeat melusine
defeat neo-exdeath

You can also send #uncheck to go back one if you need to. If you need to make alterations, send a message to @kazeugma

Send me a tweet to tell me what needs to change. @kazeugma