Dear Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Team,

Patch 2.1 is out, and I couldn't be more excited to start regularly playing Diablo, streaming for my tens of fans, and commiserating with my friends over the misbegotten fates of our freshly dead hardcore characters. From all I've read in the patch notes and heard around the campfire, there is plenty of excellent new content awaiting me. Most of the rebalancing makes sense to the eye, and I'm certain that a new diversity of player builds will bear out the changes for the better that your care in crafting a living game has earned us all.

The patch also brought along a rather senseless and ludicrous obstacle to my continued playing of Diablo that currently stands in the way of my continued enjoyment of your otherwise excellent game. Imagine my surprise when I log in for the first time post-patch, and my primary skill has mysteriously transformed into basic attack.

I admit, Sweetcleats the Demon Hunter is an oddball: (NB: you may have to specify your date of birth in order to view that page). The lie on this particular screen is right there on the unremappable left click, my favorite skill: Fan of Knives.

The basic plan is straightforward enough: flush hatred into knives and everything else into hatred. Movement and skill use are very fluid. One never needs to slow down and frequently can burst through crowds of baddies, constructing the deadliest mathematical model of the Doppler effect to ever grace Sanctuary. With Fan of Knives on left mouse, Sweetcleats can turn a corner, "mistakenly" click on a monster and have knives come out. It is a very functional and highly convenient setup. You can see a video of how this plays out here:

At time of writing, it is not possible to map Fan of Knives to left click, and also not possible to assign the left mouse button to, say, perform an in-game action other than Primary. With this obstacle in place, my build is impossible. Certainly, I could, say, assign vault to Primary and Fan of Knives to action 4, and spend the time mentally retraining myself for the switch, in all likelihood costing Sweetcleats her Hardcore life as I fumble to mash the G12 key with the same alacrity I use to left click. I should not have to do this.

My other options include programming G12 to perform a left-click, and with other software, programming left click to hit action 4. I believe this technically violates the Terms of Use, as it would amount to an external third party software implemented as a go-between between me and Diablo. I should not have to violate the Terms of Use to restore the basic function of my chosen character and build. Let alone the tremendous effort involved in doing so, given that life pre-patch simply included my ability to map Fan of Knives to left click.

Simply put: what gives? I am curious to hear the explanation for both why you chose to modify this skill and why that change goes unmentioned in the daunting litany of bullet points you call patch notes. What purpose does this alteration serve? If the point of the patch was to enable more builds, why does mine get stifled instead? Or if my person is unimportant (as yours truly must, to the mollification of his great conceit, admit), then of what critical importance is Fan of Knives tenancy on left mouse that the patch's imperative called for its eviction?

I'm willing to bet you can't come up with a cogent argument for the change. The casuistic backflips required to bring voice to such an argument would baffle any rational agent who dared to try. So too must I remain in this state of constant bafflement over so pointless and so casually harmful a barrier. Is this merely the most potent and transformational scheme that Diablo herself has hatched?

I'll stop mincing words. This specific change that came along with the patch is wrong. You have done a wrong thing.

Fix it.

The Biggest Fan of Knives You'll Ever Meet,