Did you know? (display: "animal fact") [[Get another amazing true animal fact!|Did you know?]]The (display: "animal rarity")(display: "animal place")(display: "animal name") (either: (display: "animal can"), (display: "animal is")).finish spacefact(either: "rare ","endangered ","common ","critically endangered ","","","", "", "")(either: "North ", "South ", "East ", "West ", "Central ", "")(either: "American ", "European ", "Asian ", "Indian ", "African ", "Arctic ", "Antarctic ", "Australian ", "Oceanic ")(either: "cougar", "mole", "vole", "cobra", "lion", "eagle", "penguin", "caribou", "reindeer", "jellyfish", "seahorse", "anaconda", "hawk", "weasel", "badger", "hare", "tern", "hyena", "wolf", "alligator", "crocodile", "carp", "snake", "ocelot", "octopus", "manta", "shark", "chipmunk", "bear", "vulture", "condor", "crow", "sparrow", "marmot", "marmoset", "bison", "elk", "squid", "turkey", "beetle", "hornet", "wasp", "centipede", "butterfly", "moth")is (either: (display: "animal is other"), (display: "animal is size"), (display: "animal is appearance"))can (either: (display: "animal run"), (display: "animal fly"), (display: "animal swim"), (display: "animal eat"), (display: "animal jump"), (display: "animal unusual ability"))(either: "considered a local delicacy", "the apex predator in its ecosystem", "vital to the region's ecology")(either: "over", "typically", "almost") (random: 5, 2000) (either: "feet tall", "meters tall", "pounds", "kilograms", "feet long", "meters long", "inches high")(either: "easily recognized by its colorful plumage", "one of the world's fastest swimmers", "known for its distinctive double horn", "a surprisingly adept flyer", "hard to spot due to excellent camouflage", "often found in forest canopies", "generally sighted in the leafy underbrush")run at a top speed of (either: "over", "nearly", "about", "almost", "approximately") (random: 5, 300) (either: "feet", "miles", "meters", "kilometers") per (either: "second", "minute", "hour")fly at an altitude of (either: "about", "approximately", "nearly", "over", "almost") (random: 20, 150) (either: "feet", "meters")swim through the water at a top speed of (either: "about", "nearly", "approximately", "over") (random: 20, 50) knots.eat (either: "over", "about", "nearly") (random: 2, 10) times its own body weight in just one (either: "day", "hour", "minute")jump (either: "over", "nearly", "about") (random: 3, 30) (either: "feet", "meters", "yards") (either: "with a running start", "without a running start", "straight up in the air", "in a single leap")(either: "detect prey using sonar", "navigate by sense of smell", "levitate using a magnetic field", "electrify its body to repel predators", "communicate using a simple language")